May 5, 2003

G'day all,

After 30+ hours return trip and 2 days to recover, we are just getting around to putting up this little page to let you all know that we have returned safe and sound though a bit ragged.  All in all, the trip was a near perfect success with only one itinerary mistake and one airline delay (10 hrs).  Not too bad considering that, in total, our transportation included 14 planes, 3 trains, 3 rental cars, 5 boats, many tour busses, taxis and plenty of leg work!  I haven't calculated the miles, but in terms of time, we spent 60 or more hours in the air alone.  You can see by the maps below where our trip took us.


We took around 400 pictures with the new 5 M Pixel camera, which I still have to process.  The old computer is having trouble handling the file sizes and takes forever to resize and process.  We have included a few of the ones that we like here, which really don't show continuity or relate to the chronology of the trip.  Just pretty pictures....  

Gene is particularly fond of the Uluru (Ayers Rock) pictures.  Uluru, located at the Red Centre, is believed to be the center of the world to the aborigines and the place from which all came into being.  Of course scientists have their own ideas :)  Uluru is truly an awe inspiring place and one cannot help but be caught up in the mysticism and lore that is associated with it. Sharon prefers the rain forest and the abundance of wildlife.

All of the pictures were taken at 2560 X 1920 and then reduced in size for fast loading.  Of course a lot of  image quality is lost in the process and the originals show much more detail.  The pictures with high horizontal aspect ratios are composites; as many as 3 frames each.

We will add more pictures as soon as the computer gets an infusion of memory.

Sharon & Gene Cisneros
May 5, 2003

Images are clickable for larger views

uluru_comp2_small.jpg (264157 bytes).

uluru_small1.jpg (573700 bytes)

rainforest.jpg (875027 bytes)
Rain Forest

stream_small.jpg (990864 bytes)
Rain Forest Stream

katatjutu.jpg (336541 bytes)
Kata Tjuta

kbear.jpg (250230 bytes)

bear.jpg (354563 bytes)

bfly.jpg (195479 bytes)
Bird Wing Butterfly
bird1.jpg (462274 bytes)
croc1.jpg (368384 bytes)
Little Croc
croc2.jpg (561816 bytes)
Big Croc
dingodayz.jpg (438562 bytes)
rockwallaby.jpg (396829 bytes)

roos.jpg (292183 bytes)
birds.jpg (371992 bytes)
Water Fowl

cave1.jpg (293298 bytes)
Jenolan Cave
nz_riverways.jpg (256221 bytes)
New Zealand River System from 39K feet
view_small.jpg (169416 bytes)
Rain Forest View to Cairns

antartiicgene_small.jpg (217745 bytes)
Gene in Ice Cave

antarticsharon_small.jpg (217451 bytes)
Sharon on Glacier
undara1.jpg (57470 bytes)
Undara Lava Tubes (160 km long)

headframe.jpg (27818 bytes)
Broken Hill Headframe
mangroves.jpg (59071 bytes)
Mangroves Cape Tribulation
katatjuta1.jpg (51889 bytes)
Kata Tjuta

shotoverjet.jpg (33673 bytes)
180 degree turn at 80 km/hr
sovhill.jpg (37124 bytes)
Sovereign Hill Headframe

Termite Mound at Undara

gemboree.jpg (48216 bytes)
Sharon Buying Rocks at Gemboree

giant_ferns.jpg (77319 bytes)
Giant Tree Ferns
katatjuta2.jpg (35204 bytes)
Kata Tjuta
ranch.jpg (330897 bytes)
Walter Peak Farm at Edge of Lake
ranch1.jpg (60615 bytes)
Luncheon at the Farm



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