One day I went for a little walk, and before long a mean man was after me with a long pole with a noose on the end of it.  Before I knew what was happening, I was in the back of his truck with a bunch of other dogs. Well, I guess that you could call them dogs....they certainly were not Chows like me.  But then we aren't all perfect.   After a while we were taken out of the truck and placed in big cages, and there were a lot of other dogs there too.  I was beginning to get worried by then.  I heard of this place on the street before, and it was said that bad dogs come here and that most of them never get out again. The days passed and lots of nice people came to see me and I kept watching for my masters to come for me.  They didn't.  Some of the other dogs got to go home with some of the nice people, but still I remained in my cage.   I was resigned that I was to stay here forever when a nice man visited me several times.  Maybe he would take me home. It seemed as if he liked me, but he kept looking at the other dogs too.  Hey, I'm over here...woof woof.  Well he went away like he always did.  A few days later he came back with a nice lady and they came over to see me right away.  But then they went to see another dog.  Oh oh... he's a huge masculine buffed out guy, about three time as big as me.  Looks as if I've had it again.  But wait, they came back over to my cage and they had the one of the ladies that lives here with them.  This was the beginning of my new life.  It looked as if my luck was changing.  I thought that I was going to go home with them, but they took me to a really weird looking room with all sorts of strange things in there.   There he was.... I had heard of him on the street.  The bad man that hurts your private parts!  I don't remember much after that, and I woke up in another cage.   I didn't feel too well either, and my eyes and private parts hurt real bad.  I was afraid to think of what they might do to me next.  But then, one of the nice ladies came and took me out of there and out to another place where lots of people were standing around.  At first I didn't recognize them, but there were the two nice people that came to see me before.  They took me and put me into their car and we drove for a long time and finally stopped at a strange place.  It didn't look at all like my old home, but the people were really nice to me and gave me my own squeaker toys.   I really didn't feel like playing cause my private parts were hurting and my eyes were really sore.  Well, I was really tired and fell asleep right away.  When I woke up, the nice people were still there and gave me some food and water.  Maybe my luck was changing. 

Well, a whole lot of time has passed and it looks like I'm home.  My new mom and dad are really nice to me and they take me for rides all the time.  We also go to see a nice old lady where I visit Sheba, a nice little Sheba Inu.  At least that's what she claims to be...  She mentioned something about being a temple dog too, but I really doubt it.  We went to the beach once, where there were a lot of other dogs playing.  Dad got really mad though when a strange dog came over to see us.  All I did was try to protect him from the big dog.  Oh well....

Well, I'm really busy these days guarding my new home.  Some man keeps trying to come in the yard every day, but I do my job and he leaves.  He must be really brave, cause he keeps coming back.  When I'm not guarding, I like to chase the cats.  One of them seems to like me....go figure.  Anyway, life is great!   I have everything that I could want now.  Well, almost....  Dad gets really mad at me every time that I try to go for a walk by myself.