This is my favorite page, but my Dad has been really slow about finishing it.   He's soooo slow.... if he were a dog, he would never be able to catch a burglar.
Anyway, I have two friends that live with us.  I can't figure out for the life of me why though.  They don't seem to help with anything around the property.  In fact, when a stranger comes around they run away. I can't get any help from them at all.   I'm not sure why Mom and Dad put up with them.  Probably has  something to do with human charity...  something that I can't understand.  Anyway there is Misty Shadow of Siam that makes more noise than I do.  She's a funny little skinny white and chocolate Siamese.  She lives under the observatory and hardy ever comes out.  I think she might be old....  Then there is Zumi Boi-Ng.  She claims to be a very special cat; a Bengal Leopard Cat. We just call her Zoomie because she was a little bit crazy when she was young and would shoot around the house and up the walls at breakneck speed.  Anyway, she's my favorite and we play everyday.  She runs across the deck and I chase her from inside the house.  We meet at the far window and check each other through the glass, then run back to the other end of the room and do it again.  It's really fun, but I wish that Dad would let us both out on the deck.   Maybe some day...... 
Then, there is Sheba, my little friend who used to take care of Grandma.  She lives with my sister, er... dad's daughter, now.  She is almost as special of a dog as I am.... almost.  She is a Japanese dog of far back roots, called a Sheba Inu.  Her larger relative is the Akita.  

zoomie1t.jpg (17426 bytes)

Zoomie giving her
inscrutable look.